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Posting it separate bc the text limit.

Ppl will hate me for saying this but I agree to degrees with what he says here. Guys are visual (women can be too but typically guys are more visual than women) and whatever your inner motivation is for wearing what you do, you can’t deny it’ll attract more attention than covering up more. It’s finding the balance you’re ok with.

Let’s say you decide to bring super aromatic food around with you in a crowd of ppl. You’re really gonna get mad when ppl make comments or drool over your food? Yes, if they snatch it off your plate, that’s inappropriate, but can you really expect most ppl in the world to be appropriate? Sorry…you know what type of ppl our world has whether you like it or not.

I don’t care if you’re not carrying it around for their sake. Same goes to what you wear. You wear it for yourself and not for the men? Whether it’s really removed or not, one reason something makes you feel “sexy” is bc it IS sexy. I don’t care what your reason is, you have to realize what comes with it. If you’re ok with it, FINE. If not, then tone it down a bit, or pick your timing better.

Sure, there will still be the way inappropriate stuff thrown at you, but that’ll happen no matter what. You can get mad (I do. Or uncomfortable), but there’s only so much you can do.

It’s like (in an extreme case) the whole argument about “colleges should teach ppl not to rape, not teach women how not to get raped.” Sounds great in an ideal world and I’m not disagreeing, but you REALLY think you’re gonna convince someone who’s messed up and ready to rape someone that, “hey, buddy, it’s wrong, so don’t do it!” And make everything all safe for the women?

I’m all for women’s rights and protection, and sure if you wanna walk your dog in a thong cause it makes your day better (btw ask yourself for real…deep down. Be honest with yourself even if you’re gonna lie to others: You don’t wear it to feel sexy bc you know ppl see it as sexy?? Even in the slightest?!), then go for it. But I’ll be the one wearing at least a BIT more than you, cause ya know what? When the stupid, immature idiot (not saying all guys are) decides to act a fool… chances are good (though not ever guaranteed), I won’t be the target of his stupidity.

Just saying. Bring on the hate, all you “but women can do whatever they want, no consequences!” ppl. That’s just ignorance. I don’t care what you wanna do, but know what comes with it and be ok with it, or change what you’re doing! A lot of ppl who dress provocatively ARE looking for attention, so some guys are just giving what they think the girl wants. Simple. Turn it down and tell em you ain’t about it. Stop acting surprised they said “nice rack! Hurrhurrhurr” when you’ve shown them all angles and details of it already… shoot: give then something else to talk about for a change and maybe they will!

Here it comes…