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Here's my humble log of my growth, as I work hard to get healthier, stronger, and more aesthetic :] I'm training in powerlifting, working towards my first meet. Also, every other random thing I like

Trying hard to promote real information when it comes to wellness. ♥


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i can’t stop laughing at this dumb shit omfg

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Really wish I wasn’t sick for the majority of this squat challenge. Even so, I’ve seen my numbers go up some in these three weeks. Yesterday I went up to 5lbs below my total pr (that I hit the other day, which brings me 15 lbs above my last pr before this challenge). Really hoping to go up another 5 at least before the end.

Tears of a clown | oil… on pavement

Parking lot impressionistic photograph. :D <3

Working on squats again this morning with my client. So proud of her. A couple weeks ago, she struggled to hit depth and maintain form, the bar path was off, and she had trouble keeping from the weight pulling her forward. We made a few tweaks, and worked on her weak points in the movement, and today she was doing so much better.

Definitely going to miss working with my clients and seeing them progress!

Light, airy, and moist pumpkin mini muffins. :] baking for my sister-in-law to get her through her low carb phase hehe

Photo by Mack Dillingham / Edit by me.

Front squat PR after being sick all week, and still sick. Guess that’s something haha. Ignore the ugly plating. I didn’t think I was gonna push it far over 135, so I didn’t switch to 45s.