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Here's my humble log of my growth, as I work hard to get healthier, stronger, and more aesthetic :] I'm training in powerlifting, working towards my first meet. Also, every other random thing I like

Trying hard to promote real information when it comes to wellness. ♥



Love can make decisions difficult.

We must continue on, human! Into the light.

Yeah hold that sucker right there. Ima stomp it!

#focusthedogdraws : How to Draw… A Frenchie!

(Tag yours! #ftd_drawafrenchie)

instagram: @focusthedog


Artists Recreate Surreal Landscape Photographs With Realistic Miniature Dioramas

Created by Artists Matthew Albanese, Didier Massard and Kim Keever 

My new ig series: How to Draw…
A Corgi ;P

Mr. AnythingGoes

Sharing this from Focus’ instagram to share a new project:

Excited to share my new branding! My mom is a graphic designer and animal love, my dad just straight up loves dogs, and both of them want to help out with dogs and animals in need. My brand is here to start our family’s small contribution to my fellow creatures.

There should be a blog in the future with various sections, including pictures and updates on myself, features on dogs that found or need furrever homes, and merch and cool tshirts for the humans to show their doggie love. Part of the proceeds from the merch will go to rescues and animals in need. My mom has wanted to do this for a while, and she’s excited to get this going.

Please follow us on our journey to play our little part in giving back, and join our fuzzy efforts! <3 Focus, family & friends, furrever! <3

Who else is ready for football??

Yes, my dog has an instagram. @focusthedog :P